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This assessment will be booked with Jacquie Blanchette. Expect to get your measurements taken, weight recorded, skinfolds analyzed to determine body fat percentage and perform a minor fitness assessment consisting of pushups, plank/crunches, wall squats and body weight overhead squats, as well as an estimated Vo2 max cardio assessment. Other assessments can be incorporated depending on goals and level of lifting experience, including 1RM and/or 3RM of goal-specific exercises. Approx time: 45 minutes.

For best results, it's recommended that you re-assess every 6-8 weeks.

This package includes an individualized program specifically designed to meet your goals and suit your lifestyle. You will meet with your trainer for an initial consultation to gather info for the program. Once the program has been desigend you will book two x 45 minute sessions with your trainer to go over the program to ensure you understand it and are performing the exercises properly. 

If you wish to attend a fitness class you must contact the Fitness Guild in order to reserve your class. If you are dropping in to use the gym, you must contact the Fitness Guild to schedule your appointment, or you must indicate which gym member you will be a guest of. 

This is a vigorous class that requires some experience in yoga. Flow through a series of sun salutations and poses that will strengthen your body, mind and spirit.
Wednesdays 6:40 - 7:55pm
Sep. 12th - Oct. 31st

We go after all high end quality brands and unique pieces of cardio strength and accessories that we know our members will enjoy!
The Fitness Guild (Boutique Gym) - Belleville
The Fitness Guild (Boutique Gym) - Belleville
The Fitness Guild (Boutique Gym) - Belleville