Lyndsay McIntyre

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Lyndsay is a 2013 college Grad from Kingston with an honours diploma in PTA/OTA. She has 5 years’ experience working in the rehabilitation field both in clinical and gym settings and working with various cognitive and physical conditions.

She is a certified Crossfit Level 1 Coach and a Strength and Conditioning Coach through ISSA. Lyndsay enjoys working with all types of athletes whether they are in the rehabilitation, beginner or elite stages. Lyndsay believes that nutrition plays a major role in achieving results and has education in the Zone Diet and Nutrition for Health and Performance. She also has personal experience in intermittent fasting post-natal, zone diet and lean bulk pre-competition.

As a soon to be mother of two and someone who works out multiple times a week one of Lyndsay’s favourites quotes is “try saying it’s not a priority and see how that feels”. She believes that people make time for what is important to them and if being healthy and happy is important to you – you will make time for it.