Cody Harten

Cody Harten - The Fitness Guild

Cody Harten is a passionate exercise professional who has continued to expand his learning beyond the typical fitness environments. Five years ago, he slowly developed pre -diabetes while at 255lbs before he took charge of his life. He found his passion again in the health and fitness industry and embraced the benefits for himself and is excited to pass his knowledge and experience on to others. He has taken the Fitness and Health Promotion course and is certified through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). Over the years, Cody has continued his involvement in sports such as rugby, football and soccer in addition to five years of experience in the field of fitness; in a gym, with OPP & paramedic assessments, with CFB Forces testing, in sports dome recreation, cross fit, Olympic lifting, swimming, youth training, and continues to coach elderly fitness programs.

Cody enjoys working with clients that challenge him to expand his knowledge and strives to give the best care possible or alternately a kick in the ass if that’s what it takes. He also loves a good Netflix binge and enjoys getting lost in a great show; Cody wants to help you strike balance in life.

A personal fitness trainer can provide you with the ongoing technical and motivational support you may require to stay committed to an exercise program.