Derek - The Fitness Guild

Derek is an energetic trainer who is passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals. With personal experience dropping over 70 pounds, taking up martial arts and pulling himself out of depression, he's uniquely capable of helping you find your inner why. His ability in guiding you on a personal journey is exemplary. With an infectious energy and a training style that emphasizes community you will find yourself becoming the person you truly are, your true self. 

Growing up in an extremely competitive environment, Derek competed in car racing events, winning several championships on a national level. Professionally, he worked his way through an ambitious career path starting with underwater welding, transitioning to military - industrial manufacturing and finally landing in the prototype development department of Ford. At the top of his field he found himself unhappy, overweight and unfulfilled. Until he fell in love with the sport of boxing. It became apparent to him that fitness, both mental and physical, are the most real things in our lives. Giving back and providing meaningful results is why Derek is here with us today.

A personal fitness trainer can provide you with the ongoing technical and motivational support you may require to stay committed to an exercise program.